Our expertise

Governances carries out corruption risk mapping based on methodologies and recommendations issued by the French Anti-Corruption Agency and in accordance with international best practices.

We respect the requirements of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as applied by the US Department of Justice, the UK Bribery Act, the UK Serious Fraud Office, the World Bank’s Accountability, Transparency & Integrity Program, and the ISO 37001 Anti-bribery management systems.

Risk mapping is at the core of an effective strategic risk management program and is a prerequisite for third-party assessment. It allows you:

  • to identify the risk exposure based on your company’s size, complexity, and geographic reach,
  • to assess the risk exposure,
  • to proceed to a risk assessment of your existing procedures,
  • to assess inherent and residual risks,
  • to respond to risks: the results of the risk assessment process then serve as the primary input to risk responses whereby response options are examined (accept, reduce, share, or avoid), cost-benefit analyses performed, a response strategy formulated, and risk response plans developed.

Governances has already created dozens of anti-corruption risk maps in the course of its consultancy assignments, thus enabling our clients to comply with the French Sapin 2 law. Companies and French groups with a strong international presence have called upon our expertise in various sectors including mining, environment, real estate, banking, investment funds and energy.

As part of the French Duty of Vigilance Law, a comprehensive Vigilance Plan should include social and environmental risks related to the company’s activities and encompassing its subcontracting chains in France and abroad.

Due Diligence must be performed to prevent human rights and environmental law violations that could result from the company’s activities and from those of its subcontractors or suppliers. It should include a risk mapping to identify, analyze and prioritize risks in association with all the stakeholders.

With its expertise in numerous business sectors and its in-depth knowledge of the risks encountered by the vast majority of companies, in particular by their Purchasing Departments, Governances assists you in conducting risk mapping processes and comprehensive risk analyses to comply with the Duty of Vigilance Law.

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Our references

Here are some of the ethics / compliance programs and risk mappings we have performed:

An Airport GSE SMB

  • Risk mapping.
  • Process review of consultant selection procedures (UKBA, FCPA, the French Sapin 2 law).
  • Third-Party Due Diligence.

A West African International Development Bank

  • Risk mapping.
  • Development of an Integrated Anti-Fraud, Compliance and Ethics Program.
  • Senior Management and Staff Trainings.

An International Industrial and Mining Group

  • Audit and assessment of compliance with the French Sapin 2 law.
  • Detailed mapping of specific risk scenarios for the Group and its subsidiaries.
  • Raising awareness among Board Members and Top Management.
  • Compliance team reorganization.
  • Preparation of specific training modules for the group’s executives.

An International Engineering Consulting Company

  • Audit and assessment of compliance with the French Sapin 2 law.
  • Third-Party Due Diligence.
  • Third-Party risk assessment.

A manufacturer of low-voltage electrical equipment

  • Staff training in French Sapin 2 law.