The challenges facing your organization

  • Information system streamlining
  • Data quality
  • Information system structural security
  • Data protection

Information system streamlining
Data quality, protection and accessibility, in particular regarding master data, fundamentally depend upon their proper organization. This requires rigorous and durable modeling, based on a precise understanding of concepts, data sources and information life cycles. We bring you robust solutions in an arena demanding the highest level of expertise.

Data quality
Real assurance of data quality mobilizes a variety of resources: identification and control of integrity rules, acquisition procedures, quality metrics, data stewardship, optimization of the architecture to achieve performance and availability. We support you with our know-how across this whole spectrum.

Information system structural security
A particularly challenging area, information systems security requires the command of a wide array of domains, including architecture, technology (encryption, signature, etc.), software engineering, methodology and organization. It is the weakest token of the chain that determines the overall security level of the system; meanwhile, security measures incur not only costly investments, but can also impact daily productivity; without proper balance, security measures become more costly than effective. We bring you the strategic support you need to effectively coordinate the contributions of the various required expertises and guarantee the overall coherence, optimizing your security/costs ratio.

Data protection
Ensure the compliance to the personal data protection implies the proper organization of the data, perfect control over accesses and transfers (identification, authentication, authorization, journaling), faultless management of the data life cycle (necessity, sourcing, accuracy, obsolescence), administrative paperwork and support to the designated person as required by the law (right to information, to rectification, etc.). These questions are tightly interwoven to information system streamlining, data quality and security, areas whose mastery allows us to provide a comprehensive data protection service.

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Our expertise

Our network of experts brings you extensive expertise covering strategic data governance.