International Trade Compliance

International trade compliance, the subject of laws and regulations which have at times been imposed (or abused) as instruments of political control, has steadily become an important priority in recent years, with modifications to requirements steadily evolving even on a monthly basis.

More than ever, companies, governmental agencies, academic and public institutions, whether they be exporters or simple users must:

  • take into account the many complex and constantly evolving laws and regulations, some of which are extraterritorial in nature
  • integrate them into their globalized activities and value chains
  • optimize their organization and manage the reputational, financial and penal risks of their companies, and also to their managers, employees and partners.

For certain sectors, addressing such risks requires ensuring that companies do not participate in military, chemical, bacteriological or nuclear proliferation, but addressing the international trade compliance risks also involves:

  • preventing corruption, money laundering and the financing of terrorism
  • performing effective export control over dual-use goods and technologies, in the context of rapidly evolving regulatory environment
  • knowing the identity of your end-users and end-uses of your products
  • understanding the strict application of economic sanctions against persons (legal and natural) and countries under embargo
  • having a mastery of the relationship between your stakeholders and the relevant NGOs.


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Our Services

In order to help you meet the strict and complex legislative and regulatory expectations in the domain of international trade compliance, GOVERNANCES’ team assists and advises you in France and throughout the world.

Our services include:

  • Audits of your activities and processes, particularly in customs matters, in order to verify their compliance with the current regulations
  • Tools to set up and improve
    • all stages of your operational processes in the value chain: commercial offer and sales stages, logistics, customs and export control functions, purchasing and procurement, to name a few
    • your risk and/or compliance policies, in particular through the deployment of best practices
  • Training your teams in the challenges of international trade compliance.

GOVERNANCES’ expertise is based on the complementary skills and experience of its consultants who will understand your issues with a global, strategic and operational vision.