Our expertise

We assist your company in the

  • Verification of its Compliance Programs
  • Assessment of its internal control systems
  • Revision of its procedures
  • Identification of its strengths and weaknesses

Verification of Compliance Programs
Reviewing program effectiveness in high risk locations through site visits, data mining, interviews, targeted testing of compliance sensitive transactions, analysis of interactions with third parties, and an assessment of relevant internal controls.

Assessment of internal control systems
Our team, comprised of two former partners of major accounting /auditing firms, carries out operational audits to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s compliance with laws and regulations.

Revision of procedures for tests of conformity to mandatory standards
As part of our assignments, we ensure that your procedures comply with the various anti-corruption standards applicable to your company: French Sapin 2 law, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act, ISO 37001, the World Bank’s Accountability, Transparency & Integrity Program and other applicable legislation.

Identification of strengths and weaknesses
Our in-depth knowledge of the various anti-corruption authorities and policies enables us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the mechanisms implemented in your organization.

Guidance, Compliance, & Regulatory Information
We can advise you on updating and improving your policies and procedures to ensure that they comply with the best anti-corruption practices, as applied by the relevant authorities.

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Our references

Here are some of the ethics and compliance programs we have audited and risk mappings we have performed:

An Airport GSE SMB

  • Risk mapping.
  • Process review of consultant selection procedures (UKBA, FCPA, the French Sapin 2 law).
  • Third-Party Due Diligence.

A West African International Development Bank

  • Risk mapping.
  • Development of an Integrated Anti-Fraud, Compliance and Ethics Program.
  • Senior Management and Staff Trainings.

An International Industrial and Mining Group

  • Audit and assessment of compliance with the French Sapin 2 law.
  • Detailed mapping of specific risk scenarios for the Group and its subsidiaries.
  • Raising awareness among Board Members and Top Management.
  • Compliance team reorganization.
  • Preparation of specific training modules for the group’s executives.

An International Engineering Consulting Company

  • Audit and assessment of compliance with the French Sapin 2 law.
  • Third-Party Due Diligence.
  • Third-Party risk assessment.

A manufacturer of low-voltage electrical equipment

  • Staff training in French Sapin 2 law.